As a child I remember mom often telling me I’ve got two left hands. She said it so many times I got to believe it as I grew up. I started presenting myself as a clumsy man.

I’m the kind of cyclist that would never bother trying to repair his own bicycle or even fix a flat, but rather pay someone to do it. It’s not that I don’t know how to fix a flat, I just hate having to do it.

So hi, I’m Ariel and I’m clumsy as f**k!

I recently figured that we, humans, easily split in to two different categories: clumsy and not-really-clumsy.

Obviously, I’m in the “clumsy” category of humans and I highly appreciate what the humans from the other category are able to do with their own freakin’ hands!

Two Left Hands Club is for those clumsy ones that, just like me, love handcrafted things created with passion.

I needed a partner to make things work, because two minds will always outbeat one mind.

On the left you can spot me and Daniel, riding around Bucharest, Romania.

Daniel lives in London for a while now, he is 100% connected to the cycling life of London and, of-course, he is also totally passionate about building bicycles. He just makes love to them.

I looked around and made a list of my not-really-clumsy friends. I asked a few if they’d let me showcase them to the world. And they simply agreed.

TwoLeftHands.Club officially “started” on the 16th of November, 2016 – also my mother’s birthday. Awww, that’s cute! Happy b-day, mom!

The products and creators I showcase are all friends from Bucharest, Romania. But we work with special local stocks, right in UK. So delivery is fast. That’s nice, right?

As we work with stocks, we will periodically showcase new and different products.

My long-term plan is to tell the stories that lay behind my not-really-clumsy friends and also have a glimpse in their studios, to see ‘how it’s made’. 🙂

Here is our first interview with Bogdan, the man behind Turific! handmade.

And here is a glimpse in Felix’s Șnur studio:


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