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100% Black Wallet


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Made 100% out of upcycled material. It’s simply 100% black and thin.

It accommodates your essentials: paper money, credit cards, tickets and business cards.

The outside layer is made from salvaged cordura-like fabrics. The outside shell is doubled on the inside with thin polyester, and both are reinforced in the middle with upcycled pvc banner to add some structure to it.

The inside pockets are made from upcycled PVC banners or upcycled truck tarp, so this means that each wallet is 100% unique, as the rectangles that form the pockets are themselves different and can be arranged in millions of ways. We take pride in the fact that we save these PVC banners from being burned or thrown in landfills.

The wallet has 4 inside pockets (one of them is taller, for bigger items) and one big pocket for banknotes ~ split in the middle for easy access ~ don’t worry, the money won’t fall out of the pocket, it’s tested and retested.

It’s dimensions when folded are 11 cm in height by 9 cm in width. The thickness is around 4~5 mm when empty.

2 in stock

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